If Your Children Love To Build,
They’ll Be THRILLED with These Blocks! 

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Congratulations! You’ve Just Discovered BuilderBLOX®!

BuilderBLOX – the truly revolutionary, large-scale building system, designed by engineers, architects and educators to empower your children to build B-I-G structures and projects. They are injection-molded from sturdy, rugged, lightweight plastic, and made to last and last and LAST!

BuilderBLOX are fun – and they help your children become smarter and tap into their creativity as they learn practical problem solving skills while building their dream projects.

Believe it or not, we’re not really ready to be found yet – because we don’t officially launch until November 2013. Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to construct a world-class website to share this revolutionary new B-I-G building concept with you, and the world.

So, whether you came here through a newspaper article, or a friend’s referral – welcome!

The Good News

A limited number of BuilderBLOX are available right now through a major educational seller — the Kaplan Early Learning Company. They’ll send you 80 per box (64 FullBLOX and 16 HalfBLOX) for $199.95/box + S&H. Order them at Kaplan– Toys-That-Teach! or at Amazon.com

A great number to start with is somewhere around 500 FullBLOX and 100 HalfBLOX. (That would be 8 boxes from Kaplan or Amazon.com, above.) Because this is enough to really get started building B-I-G. If price is no object, (and they’re still available), order 16 boxes (1,024 FullBLOX and 356 HalfBLOX) and prepare to really build B-I-G! (The Castle below is about 1600 FullBLOX and 130 HalfBLOX.)

Call 1-888-902-BLOX (1-888-902-2569) to learn more or to place your order.